"Serving with Hearts & Hands for Christ"

"Serving with
Hearts & Hands
for Christ"

MAIN POST CHAPEL was built in 1899.
It is the oldest building on Fort Knox.

Senior Pastor:

Chaplain (LTC) Ralph Bieganek



Waybur Theater

1102 Old Ironsides Ave
Fort Knox, KY 40121

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14 October 2020

Dear MPC Congregation,

I know that many of you have looked forward to the Huber Farms outing and the Christmas Cantata, so it is with sadness that we announce that those events will not be held this year. 

It has been a season of unprecedented change in many ways, but we are working as always to "Soldier On."  We are doing that by a variety of means. 

We are gathering together for corporate worship when and how it is safe to do so.  We are reaching out to each other by phone, email, cards and texts.  We are making visits and sharing other expressions of care and concern to one another.  Perhaps you have received such tokens of God's love or have given one. 

If you are feeling isolated, I hope that you will reach out.  There are people around who are willing to call and pray with you about concerns you may be facing.

Chaplain (LTC) Ralph Bieganek
Traditional Service Senior Pastor


Main Post Chapel

1173 Dixie Street
Fort Knox, KY 40121

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OPEN 24/7


  OPEN 6AM - 8PM Monday to Friday

CLOSED Weekends & Federal Holidays

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